The Movers API returns top movers occurring on real-time intraday data and allows you to get the Top Movers by;

  • All Exchange

  • or by a selected exchange

  • Filter results by Top

    • Gainers (%) or Gainers ($),

    • Losers (%) or Losers ($),

    • Volume leaders

In addition, the API supports historical data so you can access top movers for any given historical date.

End Point


Get latest gainers in gemini exchange with base pair of USD

Use Cases

Active Trader:

  • Monitor current top movers across one to many exchanges to monitor market moving events

  • Personalize your client engagement by surfacing an alert when a security in their watchlist or portfolio is returned in the top movers API

Exchange or brokerage

  • Personalize your client engagement by issuing an alert when a security a client’s watchlist or portfolio is included in the returned results

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