Select the NATS client (or SDKs) of your preference. The NATS modern and powerful streaming protocol automatically handles reconnections, message parsing, and more.


You can subscribe to a single ticker on an Exchange. The topic below would stream you BTC/ETH trades from the Binance cryptocurrency Exchange:


You can also subscribe to a market for all exchanges:


Given the above topic, you would receive all trades for BTC/USD for all supported Exchanges.

Note: all topic strings must be in lowercase

Exchange Subscriptions

One of the more powerful features of Cryptoquote Stream is the ability to subscribe to a full exchange. The topic below streams all trades from the Binance cryptocurrency Exchange:


All Trades

To subscribe to all trade messages for all exchanges, your topic would be:


You can read more about NATS subscription wildcards here.

Code Examples

Below is some bare-bones example code that will connect and subscribe to Cryptoquote Stream.

You can also find full source code on GitHub:

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