Price Volume Gainers


The Price Volume Gainers API lets you pick from any of the supported exchanges and the amount of symbol records you want returned starting from highest market cap:

  • OHLC Prices

  • Volume

  • Change / Return for the day

  • Price Volume

Price Volume is the last price multplied by the volume, so it is the total volume times a current price level and are used to show high buying and selling interest at those specific levels.

It is a good indicator of price levels over a certain periods of time and a good metric for understanding support and resistance on a cryptocurrency.

Using our chart pattern recognition and technical indicators in conjunction with Price Volume Gainers can show the support and resistance for future price.

End Point


Use Cases:

As a trader this API allows to construct trend lines to make profitable trades.

An exchange can plug and play to allow its user to trade with this metric.

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