Market Screener


Market Screener allows search of cryptocurrencies and other global securities by defining your own set of filters ranging from prices, technicals and statistics.

  • Exchange

    • or across all securities

Example Filters

  • Prices

    • Trend UP/DOWN

    • Returns

    • 52 week HIGH/LOW

  • Technicals

    • Moving Average 50 Day Signal

    • Returns

    • Chart Patterns

  • Statistical

    • Standard Deviation

    • Sharp Ratio

    • Sortino Ratio

End Point


Get all cryptocurrency symbols on Gemini exchange where Close Prices >= 150, 1-day return % < -1

Use Cases

Active Trader:

  • Build custom market screeners to surface real-time market moving events and identify trade opportunities.

Exchange or Brokerage

  • Offer users advanced tools to identify trade opportunities based on their trading style / strategies. Integrate alerting and other personalization solutions to better engage users and improve workflows.

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