Trend Directions


Trend Directions API ranks securities with consecutive price increase/decrease or no change. Returns a list of securities that are UP, DOWN or NO CHANGE for a specified number of trading days.

  • All Exchanges

    • or by a selected exchange

  • Filter results by


    • Trend Days (1 - 20)

    • Sort Field

      • Open

      • High

      • Low

      • Close

      • Volume

      • 1 Day $Change

      • 1 Day Return %

    • Sort Order

      • Ascending

      • Descending

    • Limit Records

End Point


Get Top 10 cryptocurrency symbols which are UP for 5 consecutive days on Gemini exchange

Use Cases

Active Trader:

  • Identify securities that are trending UP/DOWN/NO CHANGE across one to many exchanges and asset classes

Exchange or Brokerage

  • Personalize your client engagement by issuing an alert when a security in a client’s watchlist or portfolio is included in the returned results

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