Key Technical Stats


Key Technical Stats sed in the analysis of cryptos provide insight into the market trends.

Some of our key technical stats include:

  • Moving averages: technical indicators that smooth out price data by creating a constantly updated average price. SMA / EMA / WMA / DEMA / TEMA / TRIMA / KAMA

  • Volatility: measure the amount that the price of a crypto fluctuates over time. High volatility can indicate a high level of risk, while low volatility can indicate a lower level of risk.

  • Volume: measure of the number of units of a crypto that are traded over a given time period. High volume can indicate a high level of interest in the crypto and vice versa.

  • Market capitalization: measure total value of a crypto, calculated by multiplying the price of the crypto by the number in circulation. A crypto with a high market capitalization can indicate a strong and established market, while a cryptocurrency with a low market capitalization can indicate a less established market.

Use in combination with our other analysis tools and market news to make informed decisions.

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